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The Release

I am a huge fan of using Mental and Emotional Release® Therapy, primarily because of the tremendous results I personally experienced when my coach did this work with me. If you know my story – or even parts of my story – you know that I spent the majority of my life struggling with anger, sadness, fear, resentment and shame. Externally I seemed to have it all but inside I was depressed, anxiety-ridden and paralyzed with hopelessness. There were a couple periods in my life when I was desperately searching for ways to make my early exit from this life.

You can probably imagine how light, free, optimistic, inspired and motivated I felt when the dark veils of my unresolved negative emotions and limiting beliefs were nowhere to be found. Up to that point, I had never known life without them … and then they were gone, like dark thunder clouds that just vanished with the light breeze of a new hope. It was effortless and liberating all at the same time. Afterward, I could sense something had changed and it wasn’t until life circumstances appeared that would normally trigger my anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt, that I realized they were truly gone! I had been expecting to see myself react in a very lit-up and charged way. And yet, there was a calmness about me that didn’t feel connected to the emotional charge that I once knew. A sense of peace, balance and heightened perspective was now present within me and I knew I had been set free.

What is MER®?

Mental and Emotional Release® Therapy (MER®) is a process created by Dr. Matt James, that helps people release unresolved negative emotions and limiting beliefs. Baggage such as anger, sadness and fear can be released and resolved. I begin all of my Integrative Coaching and Breakthrough Sessions with MER® to help you release any unresolved negative emotions and limiting beliefs prior to getting started with coaching. I believe it’s important to do as much “clean up” as possible prior to getting started so that you can move forward toward your vision unencumbered.


In clinical research, Mental and Emotional Release® Therapy was proven to be effective in the treatment of depression. All patients in the test group experienced a full reduction in depression and in the six years since the study was conducted, there have been zero cases of relapse.

In academic research with at-risk teenagers, all participants in the study resolved anxiety issues and through the release of anger, the researchers were able to measure behavioral changes in the teenagers.

Finally, with hundreds of case studies ranging from PTSD to common issues such as minor anxiety, MER® has been proven to be effective in the release of negative emotions and limiting decisions. It’s extremely efficient and often gets positive results within the first session — even with problems that were long-lasting, or with patients who had not responded to other treatments.

No Relapse

The changes a client experiences through MER® have shown to be permanent. Unlike some other therapies that require constant monitoring or on-going medication to prevent relapse, once the client has made a significant shift in MER®, it’s done. In my experience, I’ve never had a client return complaining of an issue we previously worked with. Can someone have new problems arise? Of course. But when the technique has been done properly and the client experiences a complete release of negative emotions and limiting beliefs, the original issue the issue will not return.

Through the release work, a client now has a baseline of mental and emotional health that allows them to deal with new problems more quickly and effectively. MER® studies are only a few years old so they can’t point to decades of results.

However, I’m confident that follow-up studies down the road will support the longevity of results.

MER® is Fast

Compared to other types of therapy, Mental and Emotional Release® Therapy has a
number of benefits. First of all, MER® is fast. Rather than spending months or years in therapy, most problems and symptoms — even those caused by severe trauma or those that have been ingrained for decades — will literally disappear within one or two sessions, a total of 5 to 8 hours. In fact, one of the odd downsides of the process is that it works so quickly and thoroughly to eradicate long-standing issues that clients have a hard time believing it! They feel symptom-free, yet some have trouble trusting that such a dramatic shift happened so swiftly and easily.

We have been trained to expect that creating change takes a long time, which is why most people give up or don’t even bother trying. Fortunately, change does not need to be difficult. Profound? YES! Transformational? YES!

No Need to Re-Live Any Trauma

One of the most valuable benefits of MER® is that the process does not require the client to re-experience the events that traumatized them in the first place. This is especially important for clients with PTSD, phobias or those suffering from chronic depression or anxiety that is tied to abuse or trauma of some sort. The downside of many other therapies is that they require a client to “re-traumatize” themselves and relive the experience — a distressful process that many clients simply can’t face.

The difference is that during MER® clients are able to remain “disassociated” from disturbing events of the past. If they do observe painful memories, MER® techniques keep clients at a safe distance, helping them adopt a perspective that feels empowered and safe.

Transform Your Life

People talk about change and yet are unwilling-or simply don’t know how to make changes that up level their life.

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