Cycles & Patterns

All to often people talk about change and yet are unwilling-or simply don’t know how to make the changes that would completely up level their life. They’re unable to let go of behaviors that keep them stuck like a hamster on a hamster wheel repeating cycles and patterns.

I know this strategy well. This was my unconscious routine until I was 29 years old when I hit rock bottom and lost everything. It was at this point of my life that I was sick and tired of being sick and tired and began to smash patterns that were not serving my highest good.

Are you finding yourself in pattern of doing the same thing over and over again to avoid discomfort, conflict or fear of change. A hidden fear of success! I’m fairly certain that at least to some extent your not fully living up to your capacity. You may find yourself putting everyone else needs before your own, which leaves you feeling depleted and resentful.

This emotional state is where you may be stuck-unable to take action in the one area that will directly lead to new opportunities and more abundance.
What’s holding you back?

Limiting beliefs about yourself that you keep deep inside. You feel over whelmed in your career, lack of time drives you crazy and you feel spun out. You seem to be doing everything right checking things off your To-Do-List- and yet, you can’t seem to get ahead. Hell, you can’t even keep up!

I get it! This is where I come in.

My commitment is to help you!

We all have the ability to create a life of joy, happiness, peace, balance and total fulfillment. However, if it were that easy we would have already done it. Sometimes we just need the help of a good coach or mentor to help us see where we’re missing our mark and to help us get back on track. There’s a solid reason why professional athletes, actors, and business people have coaches. Having someone who’s walked the path before you and who knows how to navigate potential pitfalls is key. Having someone to hold you accountable is what keeps you showing up for practice, and consistently showing up for practice is what enables you to play well when you step onto the court. Bringing your A-game is what makes you feel alive, and it’s also what propels you forward in achieving your goals and stepping into your vision. And, a sweet side effect is that it inspires others to do same. A good coach is who helps you get there. A good coach knows when to celebrate your wins. A good coach knows when to give you a hug and tell you everything is going to be alright, and a good coach knows when to give you a swift kick in the booty to get you up and moving again. I am that coach. 

Transform Your Life

People talk about change and yet are unwilling-or simply don’t know how to make changes that up level their life.

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