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A Targeted Approach

People are unable to let go of behaviors that keep them stuck like a hamster on a hamster wheel repeating cycles and patterns. We all have the ability to create a life of joy, happiness, peace, balance and total fulfillment.

  • Behavior Driven – We begin by introducing practices with you to help you develop new behaviors that will become anchors for living a purposeful life of joy and fulfillment.

  • Discovery – Find the root cause of the unconscious drivers that keep you stuck in repetitive thought cycles and behavior patterns.

  • Release – This process will help you eliminate the gestalt of past negative emotions and limiting beliefs so that you can fully step into the life you are meant to be living.

Put an end to self-sabotaging patterns and step into your power. Learn to forgive yourself and others so you can experience emotional freedom.

Our approach


Empower, inspire and ignite that superhuman germ that resides deep under the layers of lies we’ve been sold. Lies of what is truly possible when we live from our true authentic powerful selves. I am insanely committed to a life of mastering the human condition of achieving amazing results internally and externally.


I have been friends with Michael for years and before having the privilege of working with him. He helped me uncover and remove limiting beliefs I didn’t even know I had and within a few session we work through every goal and objective and removed each of the blockers. 7 month later we hit all the goals and I want to thank him for keeping me accountable and helping me achieve everything I achieved.  I’m looking forward to working with Michael again this year.

Working with Michael I was able to take a look at where I was focusing my energy and turn a negative focus to a positive one with some amazing tools and technique. He helped me transform mind into an abundance mindset. In the last 6 months we’ve hit all my business goals, I can actually say my business is thriving in terms of my business outlook for the next year.

Denise A. Wentzel

Michael helped me see who I am, where I have been and where I’m going. He made me understand that limiting belief’s can push you through the most difficult times in life and be successful and still feel insufficient or it can destroy the most beautiful being inside of you. He is very compassionate and persuasive at the same time. His feedbacks help me rethink things through and guided me to change my behavioral patterns. He performed a thorough evaluation and provided positive advice.

Thank you so much for taking the time to listen, BE so caring and showing a genuine, heartfelt, life-changing conversations. Our coaching sessions have surpassed my expectations. Extraordinaire! It was an enlightening experience.

“Thank you for your wisdom!”

Denise A. Wentzel, PT/ CEO of Stargait Physical Therapy, LLC