Hi, Im Michael!

My earliest memories consisted wanting connection (love) and total freedom to play and have fun by going where I wanted, when I wanted, with who I wanted. As I got older this intense desire translated into the desire of looking for happiness by attaining external things like toys, video games, a bike, a surfboard and all the "fun stuff." But in the back of my head I felt this opposing force making me feel like I was being put in box. This box felt like a prison to me and I fought for my freedom with anger.

My journey into freedom began when I ran away from home at age 15 - the streets became my new home. By the age of 27, I had become the king of the hill as I built a million dollar drug business. I had it all, or so I thought. I had success, friends, love, money and material things. Although this life was exciting with moments of happiness there was ultimately an emptiness - a void that never got filled. I felt like I was still living in box, a mental prison of various addictions. On the outside, I appeared put together but on the inside I was falling apart and living in fear, putting up a front with a growing loneliness and sadness that I held where ever I went. I wanted to find a way out and I prayed deeply for an exit. It finally came (not at all in the way I was expecting, but it came). 

I hit my person rockbottom when the FBI came knocking on my door, slapped handcuffs on me and presented me with a federal indictment. I finally woke the heck up! I became fully aware up from the nightmare I had created. I began to see the world in whole different way. I saw how I had been basing my life in fear disguised as love because in looking back now I see it was love I was really looking for. I took a deep look at myself and began the practice of various mediation practices and began to study hundreds of personal growth and spiritual books. The more I dove deep within myself the greater waves of inner love, joy and happiness began to happen. I spent years in deep study and I began to have visions that I would help others break out of the metal prison that I had once lived in. I coached men and lead small group who wanted to experience transformation.

Upon my release from prison I continued on the path of self growth by traveling to India various times to study with an Avatar guru. I’ve taken some of the best personal growth seminar trainings and I became certified as an Integrative NLP Coach (INC), Certified Professional Life Coach (CPC), and Internal Coaching Federation (ICF) certified and a Master Practitioner and Certified Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and Mental and Emotional Release® Therapy. 

Today, I am living my purpose traveling the country coaching, speaking and leading trainings that awaken people to who they truly are at a deeper level. I do my best to live from my authentic self and coach others find thief way back to the inner wisdom that resides in all of us. Through these life experiences, I am now providing personal breakthroughs and teach up and coming coaches how to learn the skills that help others transform their lives. My specialty is in helping people let go of emotional baggage and limiting beliefs and helping other Life coaches build their coaching careers. My life long passion is to be a part of legacy that brings heaven here on earth.