Signature Programs Designed for Life Coaches

Are you ready to ignite your passion so you can live a life of

purpose and inner fulfillment?

 This Training is designed with the ICF core competency, ethics, and principles in mind. It has the best elements of NLP principles that are aligned with the ICF. 

There will be lots of actual coaching practice session that really help coaches stay aligned with the foundation from the International Coaching Federation ICF.

This is an immersive life coach training and certification class taught by experienced trainers who genuinely care about your success as a coach. We invite you to our coaching family to provide a lifetime of motivation and support on your journey as a Certified NLP Professional Life Coach.

This Elite NLP Practitioner Training is the key foundational and skills class that teaches the core ins-&-outs skills necessary to be a professional life coach. Our 3-day courses are experiences that allow you to live, eat, and breathe coaching for the 3 days we are together.

Not only will you leave class on day 3 holding your newly earned certification, you will have also gained a supportive coaching community, a coaching home base you can always return to, and the motivation, knowledge, and confidence to be a successful coach.

Coaching Performance Programs

This LIVE Group Coaching Program will help you break past your barriers, make your personal changes, and be supported by a community of like-minded individuals. Every week, you’ll work with your coach in LIVE sessions to go over tools, techniques, and strategies designed to take you and your coaching business to the next level. 

As a group, we will conduct teachings, exercises, and activities that will help you find clarity and embrace the next level of your success. 

This exclusive group coaching program includes access to our private Facebook community for continued support with your fellow Coaching Performance Mastery members. 

If you’re ready to take your coaching business, and life, to the next level AND be supported by a community who understands you, the Coaching Performance Mastery program is for YOU!